Monday, August 29, 2011

Bird Pin Cushion!!!

Hey everyone!!! I got another project done!! This one is for a scrappy friend on The Scrap Beach ning site!!! Its a pin cushion. I decided to try making one because I was so sick of those ugly tomato lookin ones that you buy from the store. This ones made of 3 used ribbon spools stacked and glued together. I cut in half a foam styrofoam ball (use the soft ones it makes pushing this pin in easier!!!), then covered it with scrap fabric. I covered the sides of the ribbon spools with DCWV Ciao Bella Paper.  I lined the top edge with lace to hide any gaps between the foam ball and the ribbon spools.  Lined the bottom and top edges with pearls. My mom crocheted the doily and I glued it down. I cut a piece of chipboard to line the back and adhered a compact mirror. Placed it in behind the foam ball and glued it down. I decided to decorate the edges of the mirror by stamping some bird image and bird cage on paper and adhered that to chipboard. Then glued that piece with E6000 to the mirror. I also decorated the sides with I Am Roses R4-60, Michael's Christmas purple pick pieced together to create the look of branches.  I had so much fun doing these. I've made two already. I dumped my memory card and deleted the pics of the other pin cushion. Duh!!! Anyways the theme of this one was Shabby Chic Birds!!! I hope to get pics of the other one and then of course I'll show that one too ya too!!! Have fun riding the wave of creativity!!!! Try making one its awesome!!! -Natalie

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Eiffel Tower!!!!! Le Paris

 Here is a gift for my Mom's Birthday!!! Its a plywood Eiffel Tower from Michael's that I painted and primed with Khaki Tan by Americana Paints. My sister Cydney outlined the structure and I hot glue gunned the lines to make the structure stand out. She primed the lines with gray paint and went over the lines with Antique gold Rub and Buff.  Then I mod podged Bo Bunny Et Cetra Paper and vintage music sheets I got in a swap from Mataya!!! Thankx Taya!!! I put lace along the tier sides and just started decorating it!!!

 I filled up the spaces with I Am Roses, G45 cutouts and Tim Holts metal pieces, K&Co lady, Michael's spray, and just had fun filling up the sides.
                             The I am Roses I products I used are......
                             R 77 - 609- Light Purple and White
                             R 4 - 50- Mini Peach (Altered in various colors)
                             R 40 - 526- Large Peach/Pink
                             R 21 - 518- Medium White/ Pink (Altered in various colors)
                             R 77 - 518- Large White/ Pink Roses (Altered in Teal)
 I'm new to Lindy Stamp Gang. I just purchased a starter kit. I saw Arlene's(Mybutterflykisses12) video on the new Lindy's colors.... and fell in love with Drink Me Up Silly Kit so I purchased that one to start off our collection. Well I'm hooked!!! The colors are unbelievable. I only have a few colors of glimmer mist and the bottles always clog and I hate stopping and loosing my creative wave to stop and unclog the sprayer. So decided to try Lindy's. Well I have to stock up on colors because my last order made me hungry for more colors!!!!
                 I used ... My Mojito Green,
                                Dark Chocolate Truffle
                                A Bit O' Bubbly, Cosmopolitan Pink, Fuzzy Nave Peach
                                ( in that order on R 21 - 518)
                                and TA Bahama Blue GM on R 77 - 518
I loved creating this and I'm hoping to go back and get another Eiffel Tower.... It was so much fun. Thanks for visiting ... Come back soon to see what other projects we have going!!!! -Natalie