Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Elegant Embellishments DT Project

Hey everyone!!!! We'd like to share with you a Design Team Project for Elegant Embellishments!!! It's a Downton Abbey Pillow its adorned with Dee's embellishments. I sewed a 18x14 muslin pillow case. The picture is on transfer paper, and around the photo is Dee's laces and appliqu├ęs. I used about 10 products from her store. After I was done, I turned it inside out and stuffed the pillow inside and sewed her shut. Now it will sit on my bed and be adored forever. Here are some pictures.

Hope you enjoyed our November Design Team Project #2!
Theres also a video up on our YouTube Channel
Check it out!!
Here's the link to Dee's Zibbet store.


Friday, October 18, 2013

Where has the time gone??

So sorry everyone for not posting anything on this blog in quite some time. Life has been a crazy ride. Well we lost our last beloved grandparent in May and that was hard to take. She was battling Alhzeimer's, and pneumonia and towards the end it was so hard to see her in those conditions. The Lord called her home to join our other grandparents.  I'm sure she's up in heaven watching over us and drinking her strong coffee. We talk about her often while we're cooking and she was such a a great cook. She wasn't the type to write down her recipes and there are tons of recipes that were lost with her.  Gosh it even hurts to think about that. But at least we know she's not suffering anymore...... Although the holiday season hasn't hit. I'm sure there will be lots of tears shed once Christmas comes, because that was her favorite holiday. She put up decorations every year, without even thinking twice. This will be the first Christmas without her, I can already tell its going to be hard on everyone.
This is her at her 86th Birthday party. We made her a scrapbook with 4 pages for each of her children. She was so happy to see what we created with all those photos that were tucked away in a box for years!!

Were so grateful for all the memories we shared with her. And this was a special day. Were so happy she was able to see this scrapbook and enjoy it for a couple years before she passed away.  We miss you grandma and you will always have a special place in all of our hearts!

Monday, January 7, 2013

The Piece By Piece Design Team Project

The piece by piece DT project

Hey everyone!!!  These last couple of months have been so crazy with the holidays that we have just been terribly busy.  Thankfully we have been able to do some boutiques just before the holidays,but that'll be on another post! 

We got the honor of being a guest designer for the month of November for ThePieceByPiece on Etsy. We were asked to make a project that dealt with the season of Fall in the month of November.  We figured since it is fall, we thought what better way than to alter a pumpkin. So Natalie and I were tossing around ideas and we came up with the idea of using the artificial carvable pumpkins (yay for less messy clean up!! Lol). It's great too because it is already hollowed out. 

To start off Natalie modgepodged toile canvas fabric to the pumpkin and let it dry for at least two days.  Once it was dried, she cut it in half. From there she attached a antique drawer pull to the front. Then she punched holes in the back of the pumpkin so that we could use a corset-like seam binding. Then we laid down lace on the inside of the pumpkin as a background. Then we added miscellaneous goodies, flowers, sprays and chipboard pieces from Prima's Nature Garden collection and used the beautiful trims we got from ThePieceByPiece!!

We used invisible jewelry wire to hang the small picture frame by puncturing the top of the pumpkin and threading it through the hole. Then we decorated the top using silk flowers. 

For more details, check out our video on Youtube at Heirloom Anthology.

Don't forget to run over to ThePieceByPiece on Etsy and grab some of her beautiful trims for yourself!! She has a great collection of laces, cabochons, and mini albums!! And Beverly is such a sweet lady, she gives great customer service too!!!

Thanks for dropping by and hope you enjoyed our project!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Prima Romance Novel Dress Form

Hello again crafters!!!!! We are so excited to share some news we got recently!!!! WE MADE A DESIGN TEAM!!!!!!!!! We are now a guest designer for Bev@ The Piece By Piece!!! We're are designing for the moth of November, we are so happy and excited we can't wait to get started!!!

We also want to share a dress form with a special surprise inside!!!  We finished it in record time!!! Just two days for us to make this!!!! We used tons of stuff from our stash. The collection is Prima's Romance Novel!!! Geezzz this is a gorgeous collection... So here are the pics

Friday, September 28, 2012

Prima Almanac Altered Mirror

We found this mirror at a thrift store and we've past it up a few times. The mirror had a beveled glass over the actual mirror with pressed old flowers in between the layers. Actually the flowers were so old the flowers were actually brown. So I took it home and previously had this idea acout how to alter it. What I had in mind was to take the mirror and sand off the mirror coating on the back. When you do this, you end up with just see thru glass. So after mapping out where I wanted to sand and how far in I wanted to go. I started the process. After sanding the mirror clear, I glued paper and lace to the back so it would show thru. I picked laces that went with whatever paper collection I used. Then I used a Jenny Bolin lady silhouette rub on. I placed it on the mirror then, wiped my finger prints off the mirror and placed the beveled glass over the mirror. The mirror came with a silver rim, it was very pliable. So I molded it around the edge of both pieces. I then pierced the holes to hand the chain and decorated the chain.
Next came the most exciting part!!! Decorating the front!! Yay don't you agree it's the best part. We love it!!! So I layed down this metal mesh, it got from the hardware store. Thanks to Miranda were addicted to METAL!! So then I colored flowers according to what the LSG blog suggested for the Almanac collection. Then I starting arranging and gluing. The back we finished up with black burlap, and to cover all of the glued paper and lace I cut a piece of cream cardstock to size. And this is the master piece we came up with. We entered this project to Bev at The Piece By Piece for her design team call. We wish everyone good luck!!! Thank you for visiting and come back soon, we have another altered mirror in the works. Enjoy!!! Hugs - Natalie/ Cydney

Prima Tea Thyme Myteddyboo Teapot Album!!!

We ordered this and a few other albums a while back and we were saving it for a beautiful paper line to come along and fit the album. Well Prima released a beautiful stunning collection called Tea Thyme. We fell in love with this collection. And it was so easy to work with the theme of the album. We used the journaling cards, the A4 paper, the collections flowers, and the chipboard pieces. We loved making this and can't wait to start on our next Myteddyboo album. Enjoy, let us know what you think!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Prima Almanac Collection 12x12 Layout

I have grown to love Prima Marketing. When the Printery Collection came out I was totally struck by that collection. My sister and I HAD to have that collection. We loved everything about it. My sister loved the mistable diecuts, the dress form chipboard piece I love!!( hehe I'm still hoarding it) 

Well when they came out with the Almanac collection, the online stores depicted the colors as orange-ish, beige's and blacks and I wasn't sold. But when I started seeing what people were doing with it!!! Wow I was inspired and just had to get it. When I make a layout I first write down what I want to include in the layout..... such as lace, bling, wood, chipboard pieces, flowers(fabric or mulberry), fussy cut pieces, metals... well you know what ever will make the layout POP!!! 

One day our VERY GOOD friend Mataya was talking about layouts and mini's and we decided that we were going to do layouts for each other and  we would send photos of what we wanted to be memorialized. So we sent her a couple of photos of us that we recently took, she sent us a few of her and her hubs. Well as I started to put pieces of the layout together the project came ALIVE and this is what we sent her........

I did some chicken wire masking in pink and black. I did some stitching on the edges with our sewing machine. I laid down the lace and started layering, or piling up almost everything I had picked out to work with. I pulled inspiration from all of the master pieces I have seen use this collection. When it was done I took pictures and emailed Mataya and couldn't wait to get it out to her. She has been such a great friend to us. We used to live in South Dakota and I truly miss the midwest and I wish I would of found our friendship while we still lived in South Dakota. Thank you for stopping by!!!! 

Have a great day ;) Smiles