Monday, January 7, 2013

The Piece By Piece Design Team Project

The piece by piece DT project

Hey everyone!!!  These last couple of months have been so crazy with the holidays that we have just been terribly busy.  Thankfully we have been able to do some boutiques just before the holidays,but that'll be on another post! 

We got the honor of being a guest designer for the month of November for ThePieceByPiece on Etsy. We were asked to make a project that dealt with the season of Fall in the month of November.  We figured since it is fall, we thought what better way than to alter a pumpkin. So Natalie and I were tossing around ideas and we came up with the idea of using the artificial carvable pumpkins (yay for less messy clean up!! Lol). It's great too because it is already hollowed out. 

To start off Natalie modgepodged toile canvas fabric to the pumpkin and let it dry for at least two days.  Once it was dried, she cut it in half. From there she attached a antique drawer pull to the front. Then she punched holes in the back of the pumpkin so that we could use a corset-like seam binding. Then we laid down lace on the inside of the pumpkin as a background. Then we added miscellaneous goodies, flowers, sprays and chipboard pieces from Prima's Nature Garden collection and used the beautiful trims we got from ThePieceByPiece!!

We used invisible jewelry wire to hang the small picture frame by puncturing the top of the pumpkin and threading it through the hole. Then we decorated the top using silk flowers. 

For more details, check out our video on Youtube at Heirloom Anthology.

Don't forget to run over to ThePieceByPiece on Etsy and grab some of her beautiful trims for yourself!! She has a great collection of laces, cabochons, and mini albums!! And Beverly is such a sweet lady, she gives great customer service too!!!

Thanks for dropping by and hope you enjoyed our project!!